Bratislava Apartments offers accomodation in three Bratislava's residences. For each apartment, you can check its location and details, browse photos and visitor comments and book any available time period.

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Direct Booking - Apartment-Blue-One-Bedroom

Apartment Colour Blue-Old Town- One bdr.

Apartment-Blue-One-Bedroom - Sitting room Apartment-Blue-One-Bedroom - Bedroom Apartment-Blue-One-Bedroom - Bedroom Apartment-Blue-One-Bedroom - Sitting room / Kitchen
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Apartment is convenient to: Downtown, Oldtown, Train st., Bus st., Airport

Last review
Fabian J. from Germany, 19.09.2014
""Most convenient apartment with excellent service":Itís a modern, comfortable and quiet apartment with a friendly and organised host, perfectly situated only few minutes walk from the city center. It is newly decorated, very clean and equipped with everything you need for even a longer stay. We enjoyed everything. Thank you so much!"

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